Ben the Bear Riding Nose Biter


The Bear Rider Returns

After a life of adventure the weary fighter decided to put down his sword and live out his life comfortably in his castle with his amassed riches and most trusted friends. Years passed and the fighter soon grew restless feeling his retirement had been premature so he again took up his sword and set out alone looking for adventure. It did not take him long for he soon found an evil wizard that ad terrorized and enslaved the local people for generations. This wizard of the dark arts was known for his twisted experiments and cruelty towards all living things. What made the wizard a thing of legend was his ability to drain the souls of his enemies. The fighter detested the exploitation of the weak and was adept at slaying magic users so he took it upon himself to defeat the mighty wizard. The fighter and the wizard fought for hours on the top of the wizard’s tower until finally it looked as though the fighter had been defeated. As the wizard began to draw closer and pull the soul out of the fighter, at the last moment the fighter reflected the wizard’s spell. The wizard’s soul was torn from him and absorbed into the fighter. And so the fighter defeated the wizard, freeing the people from his tyrannical rein and the fighter returned home a hero.

On his return the fighter was praised for his great deeds and parties were held to celebrate his safe return but a darkness grew inside him. One night weeks after his battle he awoke as the soul of the wizard tried to take control of his body. Although he tried the fighter’s will was too strong. The wizard realized this and exorcised himself from the fighter in search of a new vessel. The wizard sensed a hunger for power within the company cleric and attempted to latch on. Although the cleric could have easily out willed the spirit, the promise of power was too great. Once the wizard had found his new host he began to hunt down the rest of the adventurers in the castle. Weakened by the exorcism the fighter could do nothing but watch as his brothers in arms had their souls ripped from them. Finally after everyone else had fallen the wizard turned back to finish the fighter. He began to take the life from the fighter but stopped short. Seeing that the fighter was a mere shell of his former self the wizard decided that the greatest punishment for him live an eternity in suffering. The wizard chained the fighter inside the castle and granted him immortal life. The wizard then departed sealing the castle behind him with a powerful magic leaving the fighter to his fate.

After watching his friends meet their end the fighter’s mind was lost. He became so plagued with madness that he did not realize that he was not alone in the castle. His dragon kin advisor had been able to conceal himself from the wizard and was left inside the castle. He was able to free the fighter from his chains and remove the spells on the castle but he was unable to release the fighter from the madness of his mind. After a long while the dragon left the castle. The fighter roamed the castle alone becoming a local legend. Some even thought him to be a ghost that haunted the castle. He soon faded into obscurity until one day a single idea pierced though the maelstrom of insanity that was his mind. He came to the realization of how long it had been since he had left the castle so he decided to search for adventure. In the castle he found an old set of armor and a worn battle axe and was surprised to find how right it felt to hold the axe and wear armor. After equipping himself he stumbled out of the castle only to be blinded by the sun he hadn’t seen in decades. He made his way to a nearby cave which was the first shelter he saw and began to explore. A feeling of familiarity washed over him as he went through the cave and he began to wonder why he had been in the castle so long. The only thing that was for sure was that the castle had been his prison for far too long. He also wondered why he had not aged. He wondered if this was some sort of trick of the mind or if his body was unable to be changed. To test this he took his own leg. The physical damage told him that he could die and the pain told him he wasn’t dreaming. And so begins the fighter’s quest out to find out what happened in his past and why he was a prisoner for so long.

Ben the Bear Riding Nose Biter

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